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Hey everyone, long time no post! It’s georgia and I think we’ve all been busy finishing out school. So I’m gunna try and start updating my site as soon as possible. Check it out sometime!


Nickpooch: Hey georgia. I just happened to check this for once and noticed a new post. I got a new site aswell. And Georgia your link is broken or something. Try again.

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Update 7/2/08

I know its been a very long time since I have had a real update.  My penguin is like 508 days old.  Anyway… I have been working with Flash Animation and Dreamweaver (a website creating tool) To make a really cool website. I sorta lost track with club penguin and only go on when me and my cousion go on. Yes this site is over a year old and yes I’m updating. Maybe I will work on my website again.

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Its been forever

Wow. THe last post on here was in Janurary. I haven’t been on Club Penguin. This site is alomst a year old. My latest site is

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Army Name and Uniform

Update First Practice War To See Who Is interested on Sunday January 27, 2008 at 1:00 pst. In the server Antarctic. Come and see the uniform and the name of the arm. For more information click here

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January Clothing catalog secrets

Coffee Apron


Viking Helmet (click 3-4 times for blue)


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